Kristel Clayville

Kristel ClayvilleKristel Clayville is a Ph.D. candidate in Religious Ethics at the University of Chicago, where she also spent many years in the Biblical Studies program. Her research focuses on the interpretation of biblical texts in environmental ethics, and she argues for the creative potential of using biblical Source Criticism in constructive theology and ethics. She is currently under care for ordination with the Christian Church Disciples of Christ, and she is working as a hospital chaplain while dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s on her dissertation. In her clinical work she focuses on the spiritual, emotional, and existential issues of transplant patients and she is involved in transplant ethics research.

Kristel and her wife have two orange cats and a third cat that everyone thinks is also orange, but Kristel insists that he’s really more of a pinkish beige. She spends much of her free time plotting about how to undermine capitalism while still paying her bills.

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